Safety First

Safety is our #1 Priority

For over 7 years, Sportsplex Rentals has been utilizing concrete tent ballasts to safely secure tents. This decision was both expensive to produce and transport thus deterring many of our competitors from switching over. Continue reading below or read this research by the American Rental Association.

Tent Safety

Is it Safe to use Water Barrels to Anchor Tents?

The short answer is no. While staking is the preferred method of anchoring tents, there are occasions when staking may not be possible (underground utilities, pavement, rooftops). As an alternative, Sportsplex Rentals uses concrete weights instead of water barrels.

A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds so a 55-gallon plastic barrel full weighs approximately 480 pounds. However, plastic barrels are smooth reducing the amount of friction therefore a water barrel has a holding power of only 40% of its weight thus the effective weight of the full barrel is only 192 pounds.