Bose Speakers

Bose Speaker Kit


The ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor, or primary music system
  • 1 Bose S1 Pro Bluetooth Multi-Position PA System with Battery Pack
  • Onboard 3-channel mixer offers independent ToneMatch®, reverb, and EQ controls on two channels, with a dedicated channel for either wired (3.5 mm) or wireless music sources
  • 1 Tripod-Style Speaker Stand
  • Power Cord included
Additional Options:
  • Wireless Microphones $25/ea
  • Wired Microphones $15/ea
  • Microphone Stand $9/ea
Battery Powered Speakers may not be fully charged at time of rental, customer is responsible for charging.
Speakers may need up to 12 hours for charging prior to planned time of use for your event, please plan accordingly.