Frozen Drink Machine

Frozen Drink Machine


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Our Frosty Factory Frozen Drink Machine is the highest quality machine in the area! Capable of producing up to 115 Ten Ounce Drinks per Hour with only a 10-25 minute initial start up time (based on refrigerated mix and 75°F ambient air temperature).

Our Frozen Drink Machine is perfect for graduation parties, weddings, corporate events, sporting events, concessions, restaurants and any other event/application where a cold refreshing beverages are desired.

Requires 1 – 20 amp circuit, 110v plug.  Must be plugged directly into outlet

Our Frozen Drink Machine provides high production, an illuminated sign, and the fastest cooling time among frozen drink machines on the market.

Weight110 pounds
Depth21 inches
Width11 inches
Height26 inches
Hopper Capacity12 qts (11 1/3 ltr)
Cylinder Capacity3 1/2 qts (3 1/4 ltr)