Guardhouse/Ticket Booth

Guardhouse / Ticket Office Booth


Monthly Rates Available

Our Portable Guardhouses/Ticket Booths are rigid yet portable structures providing comfort and security to your staff. Our Guardhouses feature 360 degree field of vision, a stainless steel countertop, and sliding glass windows. Fully lit, air conditioned and heated.

Our Portable Guardhouses are perfect for large events, festivals, concerts, drive-ins, construction sites and any other site where security personnel are needed.

Requires 1 – 20 amp circuit, 110v plug (for lighting only)
Requires 1 – 220v plug or generator (for air conditioning and lighting)

Our Portable Guardhouses/Ticket Booths are ideal for universities, sports and entertainment venues, shopping malls, transportation hubs.

Fixtures and Features
-Interior Mounted Stainless Steel Countertop as Workstation
-2 Sliding Glass Windows
-Light switch and electrical outlets
-Air Conditioning and Heating
-Locking door

Length6 feet
Width4 feet
Height (inside)96 inches