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The number of chairs at each table depends on if you are planning on having people sit at the heads of the table.
6 ft Banquet/ 4 ft Round seats 6 - 8 people
8 ft Banquet/ 5 ft Round seats 8 - 10 people
6 ft Round seats 10 - 12 people

Depending on the way you are setting up the tables and style of the tables that you choose,
10x10 fits 2 Banquet/ 1 Round table(s)
15x15 fits 3 Banquet/ 2 Round tables
20x20 fits 6 Banquet/ 4 Round tables
20x30 fits 9 Banquet/ 6 Round tables
20x40 fits 12 Banquet/ 8 Round tables
30x45 fits 18 Banquet/ 12 Round tables

Pole Tents have center poles and require staking at every pole. These tents are light weight tension structures for grass installations. Pole Tents are ideal for shade or light rain but are not suited for windy or extreme weather conditions. Frame tents have no center poles so you have more room under the tent and only require staking on the corners and certain mid-poles depending on the tent size and installation location. Frame tents are free standing structures which may be installed on a variety of surfaces and installation comes standard. Although frame tents are free standing structures they do still require staking or weighting to ensure safety.
Yes, we offer professional delivery and tent installation, there is an additional fee that goes with each. Please call us for details regarding delivery and installation pricing. Set up is optional – If you decide not to have us set up your items, they must be re-stacked and placed exactly how they were at delivery.
For weekend rentals, we typically deliver on Thursdays and Fridays between 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM and provide a 2-4 hour window. Occasionally, Wednesday deliveries may occur however we will coordinate with you ahead of time. If after hours or guaranteed delivery times are required, please let us know.
No, while our tents are fire retardant, they are not suitable for grilling or other forms of cooking. Any grilling or other cooking must occur outside the tent area.