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Social Distancing Solutions

Attract customers to your car dealership with the sight of a tent and keep your employees safe by reducing the amount of customers in your showrooms! Tents can be installed for service departments, new cars on display for sale, and car delivery.

There are many tenting options available to your congregation to allow social distancing. Utilizing a larger frame tent, chairs can be placed in clusters to allow families to sit together yet distanced from other members unlike pew seating. Another common option is installing a tent, perhaps with a stage, in a parking lot to mimic a drive-in movie theater where members can either park their cars or sit in chairs facing the tent listening to the service.

With this new outdoor service, don’t forget chairs and sound systems!

Pre-screening is an important safety measure that is being utilized by many employers to test employees when they arrive for work to ensure they are in good health. With unpredictable weather, consider renting a tent to keep your screening staff out of the elements.

While not a time of joy, renting tents for funerals or receptions may be the only way for a while to meet the social distancing guidelines yet allow family and friends say goodbye to loved ones. A tent can be used for a drive-thru funeral or a reception/luncheon.

With grocery stores being busier than ever before, consider renting a Marquee Tent to protect your guests and team members from the elements. Installed on your sidewalk or parking lot, our 10′ Wide Expandable Marquee Tents is the perfect solution for covering patrons as they wait in line to enter into the store. Or used as a drive through lane for cars arriving for their scheduled grocery pickup and a queue line where workers can organize grocery orders waiting pickup.

Retail stores vary in size, just like our tents. Install a tent on your sidewalk or parking lot such as a 10′ Wide Expandable Marquee Tents to display inventory, offer customer order pick-up, or use barricades/stanchions for customer queues entering your store while promoting social distancing.

There are many different uses for tents when it comes to restaurants. For fast food and take out restaurants, consider adding a small tent in your parking lot to protect your employees and eliminate congestion in your dining and waiting areas.

For sit down restaurants, adding a small tent outside your restaurant will help your hostesses controlling the number of individuals within your building at a given time. Cover your patio, courtyard, or parking lot with a larger tent to accommodate additional tables while maintaining social distancing.

For wineries and breweries with limited spaces for tasting, adding a tent is a great way for your patrons to get together and taste their favorite beverages.

There is a very good chance Fall Semester will look a lot different in the coming school year. Schools and Universities may want to consider tents as temporary classrooms allowing students to spread out over a larger area than the typical lecture hall or classroom.

Summer Camps may need additional covered space for check-in/dismissal, camp activities, lunch time, etc. Renting tents is the perfect solution especially for rainy days with sizes ranging from 10×10 to over 40×130! Perhaps renting numerous smaller tents will be most beneficial in encouraging social distancing at your camp.

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